Here are the available titles thus far:

The Gospel Tract!     Available now!  Get it here!

After several years of witnessing I wrote The Gospel Tract to share witnessing experiences to encourage others to witness, and also to show the importance of biblical preaching.

Here’s a synopsis:

Andrew Walker is a college senior majoring in biochemistry who is about to graduate at the top of his class with honors. Every thing’s perfect in his life and he thinks he’s a Christian. Then one night he hears the simple, complete gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. How will he reply? What is he thinking? Does he accept or reject the gospel? Is the gospel alone sufficient and powerful enough to bring him to salvation? Doctrinal issues of witnessing and the gospel are covered.

Available now! Get it here!


 The Ambassador’s Handbook!     Available now!  Get it here!

Subtitled: A biblical guide to equip you to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ

Here’s a synopsis:

As a Christian are you aware that you’re an Ambassador of Jesus Christ? Do you understand your ambassadorship?

Are you equipped to be an Ambassador? Are you using your ambassadorship?

Are you zealous about your ambassadorship? Is it a joy and blessing when you’re an Ambassador?

These questions led me to write this book.

The Ambassador’s Handbook is a biblical guide to equip you to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This handbook includes over 430 Scriptures on the gospel, witnessing, the state of the sinner, the use of the law, gospel tracts, and renewing your mind – all essential aspects of your ambassadorship to the lost.

When you witness, are you:
* Not sure how to start a conversation?
* Not sure what to say or how to reply to questions?
* Overcome by fear, doubt, anxiety, and/or timidness?
* Thinking that you’re not equipped to witness?

If so, then let God equip you from His precious Word how to preach the gospel to every creature in season and out of season with boldness and joy!

Luke 10:17a “And the seventy returned again with joy.”

Available now! Get it here!


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