Welcome to Scribblings!

I’ve written several books to share the glory of Jesus Christ. He said:

“What you hear in the dark, scream from the rooftops!” – Matthew 10:27

…which gave me the desire and zeal to write.

After God saved me, I wanted to tell the whole world! Since I’m not in the public eye I wrote a book entitled, He Who has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear, to share my faith.

Then God equipped me to evangelize and I wrote The Ambassador’s Handbook, a biblical guide containing over 400 Scripture to equip one to witness without fear.

After several years witnessing I wrote The Gospel Tract to share witnessing experiences, and also to show the importance of biblical preaching.

Currently I’m finishing up The Sermon, which reveals from Scripture what biblical preaching/teaching is, along with how the New Testament body of Christ assembled weekly.

Lastly, I’m still working on The Chronology, an escatological expounding of the end-times, specifically Daniels’ 70th week.

Who knows what I’ll write next? Lord willing.

So select what you’d like to read in the menu to the left and enjoy! I hope you are blessed and edified! Feel free to leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading and may God richly bless you as you continue in obedience to Him!

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